WebhookDB Cloud

WebhookDB Cloud is our hosted SaaS offering.

WebhookDB is designed for self-hosting. The benefits of using a database over 3rd party services are orders of magnitude greater when it’s your database. To make the best use of WebhookDB, self-hosting is the way to go, if it’s feasible.

For many smaller orgs, though, self-hosting isn’t an attractive option, because of costs and/or operational burden. And for many medium and larger orgs, using WebhookDB Cloud is an easy on-ramp to using WebhookDB. You can always seamlessly/zero-downtime migrate from WebhookDB Cloud to a self-hosted version.

For those use cases, we offer WebhookDB Cloud. It has a generous free tier and affordable paid tiers. It’s a great way to get started with WebhookDB, and it’s fine to keep using WebhookDB Cloud as long as you’re happy with it.

For larger orgs, or those requiring more complex integrations or custom development, we offer WebhookDB Enterprise.

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