Sync to a database or endpoint

For many applications, being able to query data via SQL is nice, but not sufficient. You also need to know when data changes.

WebhookDB supports three approaches to integrating with external applications. Each improve on standard paradigms which eliminate complexity on the application developer side. (That’s you!)

  • Replicate row changes synchronously to an HTTP endpoint. Think of this like DB replication via triggers or Write-Ahead-Logging, except designed for application integration. We call this HTTP Sync.
  • Replicate the schematized and normalized data to another database, like Snowflake, DynamoDB, or another Postgres instance. We call this DB Sync.
  • Use Notifications to send updates to another service. This is similar to HTTP Sync but requests are made asynchronously, like normal webhooks. Importantly, this works even for integrations that do not themselves support webhooks (ie they are backfill-only).

This is outside of the scope of this tutorial, but it’s too useful not to mention here!