Create or login to your WebhookDB account

WebhookDB uses one-time passwords for authentication. Every time you log in, you’ll be asked to provide an email. WebhookDB will then send a one-time password to that email. To use the OTP, simply enter it in the terminal when prompted. You can also include it with the token flag and
the username flag in a separate auth login command.

$ Welcome to WebhookDB!
Please enter your email:

Welcome back!

To finish logging in, please look for an email we just sent to
It contains a One Time Password used to log in.
You can enter it here, or if you want to finish up from a new prompt, use:

  webhookdb auth login --token=<6 digit token>

Enter the token from your email:


Welcome! For help getting started, please check out
our docs at

You can also log out:

$ webhookdb auth logout
You have logged out.