Create or join an Organization

To set up integrations, you need to be part of an Organization.

NOTE: You get a default organization when you sign up or have been invited to , so you can skip this part if you are just taking things for a spin.

You can create a new organization:

$ webhookdb org create "Acme Corp"
Your organization identifier is: acme_corp
It is now active.
Use `webhookdb org invite` to invite members to Acme Corp.

You can invite others to your organization by using the username flag to provide their email address:

$ webhookdb org invite
An invitation has been sent to 
Their invite code is:

If you have an invitation code, you can use it to join that organization:

$ webhookdb org join join-568eb975
Congratulations! You are now a member of Acme Corp.

List members of an organization:

$ webhookdb org members (admin) (invited)

Remove someone from your organization (invited or an actual member):

$ webhookdb org remove is no longer a part of the Acme Corp organization.

If you are a part of multiple organizations, you can choose which is active:

$ webhookdb org list
acmecorp (active)
$ webhookdb org activate justiceleague
Justice League is now your active organization.

You can also override the organization for a specific command:

$ webhookdb integrations list --org=acmecorp